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baekhyun sleeping on xiumin’s shoulder then starts to check him out…

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I bought two hamsters.
And one of them is a little strange….


  • fuck xiumin’s pink hair
  • fuck his eyeliner
  • fuck his lenses

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So today this girl told me I should stop listening to Kpop since I’m the only one in the whole world who listens to it so if you would be so kind to reblog this if you listen to kpop to prove her wrong




there was a time where the whole world was listening to gangnam style….

i hope every single kpop blog reblogs this because this could happen to us

omg I honestly expected to only get like 200 notes but omg I’m going to show this to her in about a week and watch her get mad at how wrong she was like seriously guys you are the best thank you all for supporting me thank you thank you thank you 



i think luhan has made it his life mission to convey his affection for xiumin to the world or something. the loving stare is definitely not that hard to miss. but. as much as i love xiuhan (and i think the pd of this show is a xiuhan shipper too) but. but.

zhang yixing. stop flirting with xiumin.



this should spark up some fun

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just a few things i’ve collected about tumblr’s view on parenting

dont forget this gem:

this entire post just made my day

Let’s just embrace this moment real quick….

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don’t tell me you expected them to dance, like normally.


Whats buzzing BBCs? (~≖‿≖)~

I have easy access to a lot of merchs so I thought why not make a giveaway for Block B Jackpot comeback and 3 years anniversary. So here it is~ 

Giveaway date: April 15th – May 25th 2014

There will be 2 winners (first one to reply will get to choose)

1st: Jackpot album, light stick & 1 member T-shirt of your choice

2nd: B’ifferent DVD & 1 member T-shirt of your choice

Please make sure to read the rules carefully before entering because if you don’t you might lose your chance of winning. Please don’t enter this giveaway if you’re just planning on selling it once you win.

You don’t have to follow me but it’d be nice. Please don’t follow me then unfollow me after the giveaway is over.

You can reblog this post as many times as you want and likes give you an extra chance. (Please don’t spam your followers and do not erase the text from the giveaway post when you reblog it.

NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS!!! I know a giveaway blog when I see one, if I check and see that you’re a giveaway blog, you’ll be completely disqualified.

I ship worldwide so you can enter wherever you live.

Winners will be select by:

Your ask box is needs to be open. The winner will be given 24 hours to respond. If you don’t respond in 24 hours, then I’ll pick a new winner. Any questions you can ask me or contact me @hephaphyemi on twitter.

Good luck bees ♡

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