I’m really humbled and amazed to have reached 50 wonderful followers! I’m also really glad to get nothing but positive feedback, genuine questions, and lots of support from me starting this blog. I was really hesitant to make this blog at all, but now I can tell it’s totally worth it. I’ve decided to give away a Ouija board every fifty followers I make, so here is round 1 (of hopefully many rounds!)

All you have to do is reblog this post. You don’t need to follow me to win. Feel free to reblog as many times as you want. The winner will be randomly selected on Friday, October 24 at noon Pacific Time

Please be sure, if you wish to be eligible, to have your ask box open on October 24 so I can get your shipping info. I will ship internationally

Along with the Ouija board, you’ll be getting handwritten instructions from me along with possibly some small white tea candles and any other Halloween doodads I find lying around. The board is a standard Hasbro cardboard with plastic planchette.

Good luck and have fun! And thanks so much once again!

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I am little sad to say this but i decided to also sell my xiumin photocards:

Xiumin Mama photocard(korean press)

Xiumin xoxo photocard (korean press)

Xiumin MiD photocard (korean press)

Xiumin Growl photocard (korean press)

Xiumin Overdose photocard (korean press)

2 Xiumin autographed photos

Sehun xoxo and mid photocard (korean press)

sehun overdose photocard is SOLD

Exo k Mama photocard (korean press)

If you are interested in buying any od the photocards or have some questions please send me msg or email at

Christmas Snowflake